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Momma June Speaks Out

It's about time we hear from her! If you've missed the headlines, let me fill you in. Momma June is allegedly back together with her ex from years back - an ex who just so happens to be a registered sex offender. -Not only that, he allegedly molested June's daughter, Anna. Sick. This is a sick dude.

SO, June decided she 'ought to sit down with Dr. Phil to tell her side of things... to set the record straight. After watching the entire interview, I'm convinced of one thing - she is not being honest.

The picture above is of her and her ex, convicted child molester Mark Mcdaniel. She alleges this photograph was altered. June claims they were never in that bed together. She also claims that they are NOT dating, but that she ran into him a couple times.

Sounds like someone is backtracking to me.

What do you think? Is this pic legit? Tweet us and let us know!

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